Thursday, March 13, 2014

Current Net Worth (In Pounds)

My net worth as at today is as follows

Fixed Assets        120
Cash                    70
Bank                    10

Total                     200

Liabilities               0
Equity                   200

Total                     200

As you can see above I am worth just a paltry 200 pounds. The fixed assets in question includes a laptop that I have prudently undervalued at 100 pounds. The good thing about this set up is that I am absolutely DEBT-FREE and will stay absolutely DEBT-FREE.

Monday 17.3.14 I have a job interview for a better paying job at an FX company. By the way I have an honors degree in Finance and Banking and experience in Equity analysis and management strategy consultancy. Last week I applied for the ACCA designation and I was given exemptions in nine subjects. I hope to finish ACCA this year at the latest next year June. The catch is that I have to pay 69 pounds (sorry my laptop does not have a pound sign) for the three first exemptions. Let me be clear from the onset: I do not hesitate to invest in myself after appropriate research about particular course curriculum. The best investment you can make is in yourself.

If I have a net worth of 200 now then its 999,800 to go!!

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