Thursday, February 26, 2015

Net Worth Update

Net Worth Update

When I wrote my first blog page last year I got so busy working I forgot to come back day after day to keep you posted.

However I do not expect many people to be following just yet since what I have done so far is not yet follow-worthy. However it will become soon.

Just a second lemme open my excel spreadsheet with my exact figures so I can update you on my current net worth since I posted last year.

Still remember me telling you about a small business I have back in Zimbabwe? If not then go to my last post. This humble business has done a lot for me. I managed to invest and withdraw $4000 for my wedding and honeymoon in August 2014. So im happily married now woohoo!!!

Net Worth

After my wedding and honeymoon I started working and saving again. I have managed to achieve the following to date.

Investments in Zimbabwe: $4,247.28
Savings in UK: $1,456
Investments in UK: $2,250
Total: $7,953

My net worth is $7,953 since I have 0 debt. LOL I miss debt....! Anyways I have had things that ate at my net worth. I had a car impounded for lack of insurance.....silly mistake on my part to not to check expiry dates. That needed 240 pounds to be released. Ouch!!

Family Finances

Our family finances at the moment are as follows:

I earn $3,000 a month
My wife earns $1,200
Simple maths $4,200 (Total)

All our expenses total $1500
Total monthly savings $2700

Amounts are shown in USD for comparability with Zimbabwean investments

Personal Development

My wife is doing her degree in social work and cannot work as much as I do. She has had to change a lot of things about her spending. At first she put up a fight against the saving culture saying shed end up without a life but she slowly got in the trend. She had so many dresses in her closet that she had not worn yet and by saving she began to wear them. I still get her dresses here and there but she does not fuss about a dress a week anymore. As for me I can do with my current clothes till December.

I am thinking of doing a masters starting this year. This would raise my salary to the 30-40 thousand pounds a year range. Together with my wife after she finishes her degree we can earn 60-80 thousand pounds collectively and still use 12 thousand pounds a year for expenses. ;) I promise!!! Well if not 12 then max 14 or lets say 15 thousand lol. Married people you should understand me. Its midnight and I must go to bed thanks for reading and see you at the top.


Million Dollar Club

Million Dollar Club

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